NEW YORK TIMES - CRITIC'S PICK: ‘Enemies of the State’ Review: Seeking Proof Shrouded in Shadows

"The remarkable thing about “Enemies of the State,” a documentary directed by Sonia Kennebeck and executive produced by Errol Morris, no stranger to epistemological mysteries — is that it comes close to offering decisive yes and no answers, with evidence to back them up."

"Kennebeck weaves uncertainty into the formal design, staging re-enactments mingled with original audio, for instance. The movie is a spoiler deathtrap, but the questions it raises are fascinating."

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Review: The twist and turns of ‘Enemies of the State’ form a narrative for our fraught times

"If one were to imagine Errol Morris (one of the executive producers) being jealous of another filmmaker’s dive into the known and unknown, it’d have to be the thicket of facts, conspiracy and manipulation that is “Enemies of the State.”"

"Kennebeck’s handling of the labyrinthine narrative is commendable, particularly since the realigning she needs to do in the final act requires a deft touch, like changing the flavor of a dish already prepped, spiced and cooked."

VARIETY - CRITICS PICK: ‘Enemies of the State’ Review: Espionage-Style Whistle-Blowing Documentary Thrills and Shocks Until the End

"Sonia Kennebeck's film unfolds like a shape-shifting spy thriller, with twists and turns both complex and disturbing."

"While “Enemies of the State” does not necessarily provide all the answers, it sneakily sharpens your analytical radar by its haunting end. And in today’s conspiracy-theory-fueled world, that just might be everything."

THE NEW REPUBLIC: Sonia Kennebeck’s Grim DocumentariesAbout Whistleblowers Expose the Excesses of the National Security State

"“United States v. Reality Winner” is a principled, soulful documentary about the National Security Agency contractor who sent a document outlining Russian election hacking and influence efforts to The Intercept, only to be imprisoned for her efforts."

"Taken together, these documentaries confirm Kennebeck’s emergence as one of America’s foremost cinematic chroniclers of the post-9/11 security state."

SCREEN DAILY: ‘United States Vs. Reality Winner’

"The impulse to do the right thing carries hefty consequences in United States Vs. Reality Winner. Sonia Kennebeck’s taut investigative documentary recounts the story of the whistleblower whose punishment reveals a state more inclined to jail the messenger than focus on the message. Festivals should welcome a stirring, smartly assembled film designed to provoke debate." 

DEADLINE - FOR THE LOVE OF DOCS: “This Story Has So Many Layers”: Espionage, Torture, Child Porn Allegations Roil ‘Enemies Of The State’

"The compelling documentary Enemies of the State, directed by Sonia Kennebeck, delves into one of the strangest cases in recent American jurisprudence involving spy craft, allegations of torture and child pornography."

THE GUARDIAN: ‘It was just such a maze’: the twisty story behind Enemies of the State

"It’s postmodern documentary in that it shows its own working, like the inside-out Pompidou Centre in Paris or Martin Amis putting a character called Martin Amis in his novel Money. We join Kennebeck in following the trail of crumbs and share her uncertainty about where it will lead."

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